Coralife BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet

Coralife BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet

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This product is appropriate for All Coralife and Oceanic BioCubes

The Coralife BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet is made specifically for all Coralife BioCubes and Oceanic BioCubes. Its weighted scrubber, cleans thoroughly and makes retrieval simple. When disconnected it falls straight down and rests above the gravel for easy retrieval.

  • For GLASS aquariums only
  • Includes two halves of magnets and cleaning pad
  • 3" X 1.5" X 2.5"
  • Manufactured by Coralife
Directions for use
The Glass Cleaning Pad (black) is for use with regular glass aquariums. WARNING: Do NOT use glass cleaning pad on acrylic or plastic aquarium surfaces.

Step 1
Place the cleaning magnet in the aquarium and hold it against the aquarium wall. Hold the outside magnetic handle and place against the outside wall of the aquarium a few inches to the side of the cleaning magnet. Slowly slide the outside magnetic handle towards the cleaning magnet. The two should attract and attach firmly to the aquarium. NOTE: If the two magnets do not hold firm, even when lined up properly, the glass wall may be too thick for the size of the magnet. A larger-sized scraper may be necessary.

Step 2
To grip properly, hold the outside magnet in your hand with the string loop facing your wrist. Your thumb should rest in the groove on the top or left side of the magnet, and your fingertips will be in the bottom or right side of the magnet.

Step 3
Slide the magnet across the aquarium smoothly to remove algae. Move both horizontally and vertically during cleaning. Be careful while cleaning near the bottom of the aquarium, as gravel and sand can become trapped between the cleaning pad and the aquarium wall, potentially causing scratching. For best results, clean only within 1/2" of the substrate with the Algae Cleaning Magnet. Use a scraper to clean closer to the substrate. NOTE: If cleaning pad comes in contact with substrate, replace to avoid potential scratching.

Step 4
Moving the magnet too quickly, going around corners and contact with objects inside the aquarium can cause the inside and outside magnets to separate. To reconnect the magnets, hold the outside magnet close to the aquarium wall near the inside magnet. If the inside magnet has fallen too far from the aquarium wall or is being blocked by an object, tie a string or fishing line (not included) to the outside magnet and drop in the aquarium while holding the line. The magnets should reconnect when close. Reattach following Step 2.

Product Features
If the cleaning magnet becomes separated from the outside magnetic handle, the magnet will sink to the bottom of the aquarium with the weighted foot down. The weighted foot keeps the cleaning pad above the substrate surface to reduce the chance of substrate getting caught between the cleaning pad and the aquarium wall. This greatly reduces the risk of scratching the aquarium. The cleaning magnet is also balanced so that in the case of separation, it will fall facing towards the glass for easy reattachment.

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