BioCube Auto Top Offs

Adding automation to your Coralife BioCube can help you do less aquarium maintenance. It’s also an excellent way to maintain your aquarium when you’re out of town.

The most common automation addition is an automatic top off unit, or ATO. An ATO will keep the water level in your aquarium consistent. This will help the performance of your protein skimmer and prevent your pumps from running dry and burning out when you’re out of town.

Maintaining your water level with an ATO will also keep your salinity stable. Remember, when water evaporates from your aquarium the salt is left behind, leading to increased salinity.

There are a variety of ATOs to choose from. An excellent choice is the IceCap ATO. This ATO is affordable, reliable, and has small, discrete sensors that fit into the third chamber of the BioCube. To install the ATO, connect the sensors and pump to the control unit. Use the magnet to place the sensors right at the water level in the third chamber. Place the pump in a container of fresh water and rout the pump’s hose back up to the aquarium and turn on the unit. The ATO will then maintain the tank’s water level at the point where you placed the sensors. Just make sure to fill the reservoir with RO water when necessary. With a five gallon reservoir you could have enough top off water for a couple weeks.