BioCube Additives

There are hundreds of aquarium additives on the market, and choosing the right ones can be an intimidating task. We've kept things as simple as possible in this section. The General Additives Section has just two products for all types of aquariums. The Two Little Fishies Bactiv8 NPX is used to jump-start the biological filtration when first starting your tank. Information on using Bactiv8 can be found in the Coralife BioCube Setup Guide 2. Cycling The Aquarium section.

Also in the General Additives Section we have Amquel Plus. For those not using RO water (we highly recommend using RO water), you will need Amquel Plus to detoxify your water. If you're doing a fish-only aquarium, these are all the additives you will need in most cases.

Additives for Reef Aquariums
As long as you are doing monthly water changes of at least one third of your BioCube's volume you will not need additives for your corals. This is because the calcium and other trace elements required for coral growth are included in aquarium salts. However, if you do less frequent water changes or have very heavy coral growth, you should use a multi part additives, such as the Red Sea Reef Foundation ABC+ Supplement, E.S.V. B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System, 32 oz total, or Two Little Fishies C-Balance, 32 oz total. These products provide calcium and trace elements and help to maintain alkalinity.
Additives For Freshwater Planted Tanks
Freshwater plants require micro elements, trace elements and other nutrients. Liquid fertilizers are an important source of nutrients for freshwater plants that absorb nutrients primarily through their leaves (other plants will get their nutrients from the substrate). The nutrients must be present in the water for the plants to thrive. When using RO/DI purified water (which we recommend), the macro and micro nutrients are removed. The Seachem Flourish and Brightwell Aquatics FlorinMulti will provide the necessary nutrients. However, be careful not to over-use these products as it can result in excessive algae growth.